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PRofessional Estate Planning in Burlington, Ontario

"There is nothing as certain as death and taxes"

We help minimize what others will take from your estate so we can maximize what your heirs will receive.

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Wealth Preservation

Secure your hard-earned assets for future generations. Our estate planning safeguards your wealth, minimizing tax implications and maximizing legacy preservation.

Family Harmony

Promote family unity by clearly outlining your wishes. Avoid potential disputes by defining beneficiaries, distribution plans, and responsibilities and fostering harmony.

Peace of Mind

Gain confidence in your financial legacy. With SimpleSmart Estate Planning, you can rest easy knowing that your estate is in order for your loved ones during life's uncertainties.

Choosing an advisor

Why work with us?

Most people choose to work with us when life hands them a new card — the birth of a child, an early retirement offer, the end of a marriage, the passing of a spouse, or the sale of a family home or business — when a life event prompts decision making, we’re a call away.

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Case Studies

Recent Client Experience

"We recommend the caring, professional, informed team managed by Mark"

“Mark has been our investment advisor for over 20 years. Mark’s advice matched the stages of our life and his team are always available for telephone calls or meetings whenever necessary helping minimize any surprises. Personal service way beyond just an investment advisor. We do not hesitate to recommend the caring, professional, informed team managed by Mark.”

Michael and Doreen Smith
Burlington, ON
"He always takes the time to help guide us in the right direction"

We have been with Mark Orr for a few years and we find him to be very knowledgeable, personable and trustworthy. He takes the time to guide us in the right direction with our finances without feeling rushed. We particularly like the fact that he's also an accountant, which is a great asset. Charline Woodhouse (Licensed Associate), is always friendly and helpful during phone conversations and when we visit the office.

Steve & Shirley Dolby
Hamilton, ON
"He will always be honest with you and give his best recommendations."

I have been investing with Aligned Capital and Mark Orr for over 20 years now. Not only is Mark professional and knowledgeable, he is also caring. He will always be honest with you and give his best recommendations. His team wants to help you with your personal goals and he is always quick to respond. I know that I can always trust Mark and take his advice as he’s been in this business for a long time with proven results.”

Jolene Hart
Mississauga, ON
"through the whole process, I have had great peace of mind in his advice"

When the time came for me as a widow, to place our estate funds, Mark was there to help me. He carefully chose the best companies with solid backgrounds that suited my portfolio. Through the whole process, I have had great peace of mind in his advice and experience. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mark and his team.

Mary McBain
Burlington, ON
"...a very thorough, careful, thoughtful investment style"

Mark demonstrates an exceptionally detailed and prudent approach to investment. With such a thorough and thoughtful investment style, investing with Mark and his team has consistently yielded steady, above-average returns in our experience. They are a standout choice for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of financial markets with confidence.

Dr. Patrick Pedlar
Burlington, ON
"a financial advisor who, without question, will ensure that the best decisions are made"

Every day we put our faith in others, be it the doctor managing health, the mechanic fixing the car or the pilot flying the plane – it’s easy to put our faith in Mark and enjoy the tremendous peace of mind that comes with having a financial advisor who, without question, will ensure that the best decisions are made to safeguard our financial future.

Rhoda Reardon
Burlington, ON

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