Retiring Early?

Stan, 62

I received an early retirement offer from work. I didn't know if I should accept the package or even if I could live off what they were offering – there were pages of information and too many options. My sister-in-law suggested I see her advisor, John Booth.

John showed my wife and I the impact the different choices would have on our future. It became clear that early retirement was a good option; we would be just fine financially. Once we decided to accept the offer, John's office worked closely with the human resource department at work to make sure everything ran smoothly.

After so many years it's a little unsettling to give up a regular paycheque. John and his team took the time to outline our cashflow for us. We were shown how we would receive our money from the various sources and when it would come in. John even estimated our taxes. It was great making the transition knowing exactly how things would work and that there would be no surprises. Everything went very smoothly. With John's help, we've settled into retirement quite comfortably. We're really enjoying our new life!

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