Aldershot Financial Group

Your SmartPath

For decades, we've been delivering our professional knowledge, guided by our moral compass, putting your interests first – always.

Yet clients identified something more, an underlying process that earned their confidence. It's something that we've developed and refined over the years. It ensures that your unique situation and concerns are identified and addressed.

Are you looking for a smarter way to invest…from someone you can trust?


You're welcome to come in and meet us. We'll introduce ourselves and ask how we can help you and what your concerns are. You'll get to know us and we'll get to know you. Then, we'll focus on your investments.

Look us in the eye, ask your tough questions and expect straight answers.


You want someone who "has your back"; who doesn't work for a mutual fund company or a bank…someone who works for you.

Canada sports approximately 100,000 "financial planners", most of them are trained to sell products, not necessarily dispense financial advice. Our Senior Financial Advisors are both Chartered Accountants and Certified Financial Planner Professionals.  We have the financial expertise beyond what is typical of other financial planners.

With over two decades of working together, we have found a better way, one that absolutely puts your
interests first.

Ongoing ADVICE

Wondering how well your investment portfolio has performed long term? Our clients don't have to wonder! – We provide them with a report showing all investments together, % returns, gains and losses. Expect us to contact you for regular meetings.


There is more to financial planning than just your investments! Whether it's a comprehensive plan or a new
Life Event, we're here to answer your questions with SimpleSmart advice you can rely on.

Let us help.