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What Is SimpleSmart Investing?

Simplesmart Investing is primarily about two things:

Life Events

It's about making smart financial decisions when they matter most – when an event occurs in your life that impacts your financial situation. We call these Life Events. Helping people work through a Life Event is a big part of what we do. There likely isn't a Life Event that we haven't worked through numerous times.

Smart Investing

It's also about investing smartly. We do that too. And because our Senior Financial Advisors are Chartered Accountants as well as Certified Financial Planner professionals, we're vigilant about costs. We're watchful, not only of what you earn, but of what you keep! If you'd like to learn more about SimpleSmart Investing you can – click here.

If numbers aren't your thing, that's okay. They're ours. Did we mention our Senior Financial Advisors are Chartered Accountants as well as Certified Financial Planner professionals? We work the complicated numbers for you. It's what we enjoy doing. We present in a simple clear way because we enjoy doing that too!

No matter your age or station in life, we can help take away a lot of the confusion surrounding your financial decisions. Smart financial management doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, you're better off if it isn't.

If you're ready to sit down with us, look us in the eye and have a conversation, we invite you to come in and have a chat. Call us at 905-631-1230.

Let us help.