Calm Among the Chaos

Elizabeth, 69, and her son Dan, 49

My husband died suddenly in his 59th year and I didn't know where to start with all the financial decisions I needed to look after. Our lawyer recommended John Booth. My family and I have been clients of John's for 15 years now.

John was able to step in when we needed him most and made sure we had our current finances in order. He then helped me with the overwhelming task of gathering up bank accounts, insurance policies & investment information so that he could make an income plan for me. One of the joys of working with John is his ability to provide calm in situations of chaos.

My son had always done his own investing but he now works with John as well. He said that when you run your own company you have to learn to delegate but until he met John he hadn't let anyone else handle his financial affairs. Now he has sold his company and is enjoying life a lot more. I'm sure that his father's early death was part of that decision.

John's gift planning process has helped me provide for my children and grandchildren. It's been satisfying to be able to watch them enjoy these gifts and to know they too are now clients of John's.

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