Tax Planning

Start paying less tax! We all want to pay less tax but at what risk?

We'll help you avoid unnecessary tax and unnecessary risk. We're chartered accountants, we understand taxes. Considering the tax implications of every decision is what we do, it's simply part of our DNA.

What about those plans promising tax savings without risk?

Promoters of these plans rely on simple math but seriously downplay the risk caused by the unknowns. True, borrowing at 5% to invest at 8% can create wealth, but neither rate is guaranteed. Future rates, life events, stock market meltdowns and emotions can foil your attempts to stay invested, triggering loss.

Is that the type of tax savings you're after?

For good solid advice, based on your circumstances, talk to us.

Visit these links for a closer look at two commonly mentioned tax strategies and their risks:

The Smith Manoeuvre

The RRIF Meltdown




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